Results driven solutions only succeed in relationships based on a foundation of honesty, expertise and action. For over 40 years Agway’s diverse solutions comprise a range of product lines focused on residential, agricultural, industrial, commercial and institutional market applications. Agway ensures that every steel solution it delivers meets or exceeds the specific demands and expectations of the Customer.

It’s the expertise, diligence and responsiveness of our people that ensure we deliver steel solutions that work. From cladding, roofing and decking, to specialized accessories and custom-formed shapes for innovative construction projects, Agway’s industry leadership and product lines are complemented by the specialized knowledge, commitment and responsiveness of our people, who ensure that each and every Customer finds Agway Easier to do Business with.

As individuals, every one of us at AGWAY expects and demands the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour in everything we do – from ourselves and from all colleagues and team members. These shared beliefs and values are the foundation upon which we continue to build longstanding relationships of trust and partnership among our customers, who are the lifeblood of our success.

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snow guards

TruVent® Soffit


Barrier Series


Interior White
QC 1546 Interior White Blanc interieur


Liner White
QC 5712 Liner White Blanc interieur

Earth Tones

QC 18021

QC 18021 Beige Beige

QC 18129

Pebble Khaki
QC 18129 Pebble Khaki Cailou kaki

QC 18228

Metro Brown
QC 18228 Metro Brown Brun metro

QC 18229

Dark Brown
QC 18229 Dark Brown Brun fonce

QC 18259

Tile Red
QC 18259 Tile Red Rouge tuile

QC 18262

QC 18262 Black Noir

QC 18276

QC 18276 Gold Or

QC 18305

Stone Grey
QC 18305 Stone Grey Gris pierre

QC 18306

QC 18306 Charcoal Fusain

QC 18315

QC 18315 Tan Fauve

QC 18326

QC 18326 Coffee Cafe

QC 18730

Regent Grey
QC 18730 Regent Grey Gris regent


QC 18234

International Orange
QC 18234 International Orange Orange international

QC 18386

Bright Red
QC 18386 Bright Red Rouge vif


QC 2624

Bright Silver
QC 2624 Bright Silver Argent

QC 2897

Light Pewter
QC 2897 Light Pewter Etain

QC 3234

QC 3234 Copper Cuivre



ZF75 Galvanneal Satine

ZF275 G90

ZF275 G90 Galvanized Galvanize


QC 7500

QC 7500 Silver Argent

Standard Colors

QC 18011

QC 18011 Burgundy Bourgogne

QC 18250

Dark Red
QC 18250 Dark Red Rouge fonce

QC 18256

Mist Green
QC 18256 Mist Green Vert brumeux

QC 18258

Pacific Turquoise
QC 18258 Pacific Turquoise Turquoise pacifique

QC 18260

Slate Blue
QC 18260 Slate Blue Bleu ardoise

QC 18307

Melcher s Green
QC 18307 Melcher s Green Vert melcher s

QC 18329

QC 18329 Green Vert

QC 18330

Heron Blue
QC 18330 Heron Blue Bleu heron

QC 18790

Royal Blue
QC 18790 Royal Blue Bleu royal


QC 18273

Bone White
QC 18273 Bone White Blanc os

QC 18317

White White
QC 18317 White White Blanc pur

QC 18695

Cambridge White
QC 18695 Cambridge White Blanc Cambridge

QC 18696

Antique Linen
QC 18696 Antique Linen Lin antique

QC 18783

Bright White
QC 18783 Bright White Blanc brillant